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Franky Redente (audio), Megan Clifton (research), Rebecca Strickson (illustration), Liv Howarth (website), Laura Martin at Real Life PR (publicity) and to Polly Birbeck, Zoe Miller, Debra Geddes and everyone at the Beckley Foundation.

with thanks to...


Franky Redente (audio), Megan Clifton (research), 

Rebecca Strickson (illustration), Liv Howarth (website), Laura Martin at Real Life PR (publicity), Ciara Bains (transcription), Milo Cumpstey (tech production;,
and to Polly Birbeck, Zoe Miller, Debra Geddes, Gaby Green PR and everyone at the Beckley Foundation.

Exec Producer + Presenter

Kate is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. She writes about music and culture for the Guardian, The New York Times and The Sunday Times and hosts a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM.

Photo: Jenny Lewis.


Laura is creative and marketing manager at London Records who takes a mean – but also a really lovely – picture. You can see the rest of her portraits and travel snaps at

shola aleje

Shola is currently an assistant producer at BBC, working on Lauren Laverne's 6Music breakfast show. She has produced podcasts for the likes of Cherry Healey, The Hotbed Collective, Dear 1995: The Podcast, Women’s Health and many more. 

Alannah chance

Alannah is an award-winning producer who makes programmes with the BBC and podcasts for the Guardian, Rough Guides and NTS. She is produces Radio 3's leftfield music show Late Junction and works on development for Reduced Listening. 


Cass is a radio and podcast producer whose past projects include work for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, Audible and Spotify.
She is one third of production indie Unedited, and can currently be found producing Broccoli Content’s news and culture podcast Your Broccoli Weekly.

Lucy Dearlove

Lucy is a freelance audio producer and podcast champion. She produces a million aural treats, including Layers, an independent podcast about style, and Lecker, a podcast of personal stories around food, which she also presents.


Mae-Li is an audio producer whose

work has featured on BBC Radio 4, Monocle24 and at Somerset House

and more. She also makes The Treasury,

a long- form interview where guests curate their dream exhibition.


Hannah is a freelance radio producer

and science reporter. She’s often found working somewhere on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 or BBC World Service, covering every topic under the sun... and sometimes those that aren’t!


Holly is a senior producer at Monocle24, including the producer and editor of shows like Monocle on Culture and The Sessions at Midori House, as well as various special projects including audio series for Rolex, Audi and Chanel.

ALison gardiner

Alison is a BBC radio producer with the
best hair in the business, who is currently working at Radio 4 and produces the literary series Telling Tales. She loves

radio but not vegetables.

Gabriela jones

Gabriela is an award-winning audio producer who's made work for clients including the BBC, Audible, The Guardian and the Science Museum. Clara Amfo once interviewed her cat.

Sefa nkyi

Sefa is a freelance audio producer who has produced documentaries for Radio 4 (Where Are All The Black Women In Grime?), while her production on for Spotify podcast David's Out For A Good Time won bronze for Best Podcast Production at the 2019 Audio Production
Awards. She recently founded the voiceover platform 4C Voices.

Renay Richardson

Renay is a force in audio production, having produced the iTunes Podcast Chart-topping podcast About Race With Reni. She loves dogs and hosts her own series with her
pet-abetted podcast, …That's When You Get A Dog.

Isis Thompson

Isis is the award-winning documentary-maker and presenter behind My Name
Is Isis and Welcome To Wakaliwood for

BBC Radio 4. She produced the Audible podcast In Search Of Black History with Bonnie Greer in December 2019.


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