Pauline Black

"We definitely wanted to create a new way of thinking about music – using music to demonstrate unity by mixing up black people and white people in a band" 

Think of punk and ska in 1980s Britain and you may well picture bands like The Clash and The Specials. Pauline Black, however, is the original rude girl. As the driving force behind Coventry 2-tone group The Selecter, she was a rare black woman making her way in music and sticking two fingers up to the skinheads.


Today Pauline is a style icon and a cultural force, with her signature fedora, Doc Martens and formidable attitude, as documented in her book, Black By Design: A 2-Tone Memoir. She invited The Last Bohemians into her immaculate home in the Midlands to discuss how she became the first lady of ska, 2-Tone's multicultural vision and why politics is life.

This episode is produced by Renay Richardson.


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