Pamela Des Barres is the definitive groupie who moved to Hollywood in the 1960s, embraced free love and hippiedom and frolicked with musicians like The Who’s Keith Moon and The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger. She documented it all in her iconic tell-all book I'm With The Band and inspired the character Penny Lane in the film Almost Famous.


During the waves of feminism that have come since, however, Pamela's candid tales have been criticised and, with the #MeToo movement, the supposed sexual liberation of the halcyon rock’n’roll days reevaluated.


What does that mean for Des Barres' story? She sat down with The Last Bohemians in east London record shop Matters Of Vinyl Importance for an insight into her controversial wild past and what it tells us about the future.

This episode was produced by Shola Aleje.

"A groupie is just someone who wants to hang around groups. I do believe we were muses for them."
Pamela Des Barres

Pamela Des Barres