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Molly Parkin

Molly Parkin, now 87, is a painter, erotic novelist and former fashion editor who is the epitome of British bohemianism, never without a bejewelled turban on her head or a saucy anecdote at hand. She is, without question, the inspiration for this series.


Kate first encountered Molly ten years ago, when she was looking for some erotic poetry to read at a literary salon in London. Her poems were brilliantly witty and brazen. At the time, Molly was also hosting a club night in Soho with her daughter and granddaughter, which they had called it The Parkin Lot. She sent Kate two poems, Viagra and Cock-Size, to read.


Today Molly focuses on her art, which she does from her kaleidoscopic bedsit on the World’s End estate in Chelsea and which The Last Bohemians visited for the first – and fairly explicit! – episode.

This episode was produced by Alannah Chance.

Molly Parkin
"My first proper kiss – well, that was Louis Armstrong.
Louis took one look at me and said, ‘Hello honey, you’re mine for the night’.”
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