Taken on Zoom, January 2021

Marina Abramović 

"I feel free all the time. I make my life the way I really want to, with no compromises. I don't have children, I don't have dogs, I don't have lazy husband at home. I wake up in the morning and I do what I want. That feels really good"

For International Women’s Day 2021, we return with a special episode, in partnership with KLORIS, with Marina Abramović, the groundbreaking – and divisive – Serbian artist who changed the way we view performance art and who has spent the past half a century confronting the mental and physical limits of the body. Her early work in the 1970s is famed for its extremity, with pieces where she would cut the communist star into her stomach or invite an audience to use weapons on her, a thread she continued when she teamed up with her creative collaborator and lover Ulay, who passed away just before the pandemic struck in 2020. Their final piece together in 1988, where they walked from one end of The Great Wall of China and met in the middle, is one of the most elaborate break-ups of all time.


Since then, Abramović has become known for intertwining performance art with spirituality, shamanism and pop culture: she trained Lady Gaga in her ‘Marina Abramović Method’, starred in a Jay-Z
video, became a Tibetan buddhist and turned her attentions to durational works. These include her infamous piece The Artist is Present at the MoMa in New York in 2010, where she spent 700 hours sitting silently across a table from spectators – over 1,500 people came to sit opposite her, many of them moved to tears.

In this interview, conducted via Zoom at the start of this year, Abramović delivers some life lessons about creative fearlessness, the importance of failure and taking risks, how she survives criticism, why she
put her career in front of having children, how she never compromises, why she enjoys being in her seventies and what she has in common with the opera singer Maria Callas, on whom she has based
her own mixed-media performance, which will return to the stage in September, following its pre-pandemic premiere last year. A retrospective of her life's work – her first major exhibition in the UK – will now
be showing in 2023.

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This episode was produced by Holly Fisher.

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