Bonnie Greer

“To be a woman in a culture that was patriarchal is a revolutionary thing. And to be a black woman is double revolutionary” 

Chicago-raised Bonnie Greer is instantly recognisable to UK audiences as a critic, television pundit and political theatre-maker. She famously took on former BNP leader Nick Griffin on BBC's Question Time and has written five books and numerous plays that look at race, class and identity.


Lesser known perhaps is how she came up in 1970s New York, at the time of Basquiat, Warhol and Madonna, before she moved to the UK in the 1980s. She explores these avant-garde beginnings, as well as her far-ranging ideas on age, being a woman of colour and making art, in this episode of The Last Bohemians, recorded in Soho, London.

This episode was produced by Isis Thompson. With thanks to Nina Garthwaite.


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