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The Last Bohemians is an independent new audio series that meets female firebrands and controversial outsiders from significant eras in culture and the arts.

From subversive musicians and rock'n'roll groupies to groundbreaking artists and game-changing style icons, these are women who have lived life on the edge and still refuse to play by the rules. The result is a vivid and impressionistic podcast that showcases the stories of older creative women at a time when they are still underrepresented in the media at large.


Journalist and presenter Kate Hutchinson and photographer Laura Kelly met in Havana, Cuba, four years ago and conceived the series in 2017, enlisting an exceptional A(udio) Team of producers to take on an episode each. Every episode is produced by a brilliant woman and is shot and interviewed by two brilliant friends. 


In series one, Kate meets artist and musician Cosey Fanni Tutti in her garden to talk performance art, sex and subversion; the countess and LSD campaigner Amanda Feilding explains the medical benefits of psychedelics and drilling a hole in her head while ambling around her country estate; 2-Tone pioneer Pauline Black looks back on her career as a musician in the racist and sexist 1980s; British bohemian icon Molly Parkin muses on masturbation and loneliness; playwright and personality Bonnie Greer discusses being an artistic outsider and coming up in 1970s New York; and Pamela Des Barres looks back on her sexually liberated groupie lifestyle through the lens of the #MeToo movement.

Series one of The Last Bohemians is completely self-funded. We hope that series two gets some serious dosh so that we can go to Morocco and profile this lot. Or to Hollywood, in search of Eve Babitz.


Shola Aleje / Alannah Chance / Lucy Dearlove /

Alison Gardiner / Renay Richardson / Isis Thompson 


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Kate Hutchinson

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